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Wedding Crests

Maggie Marsh Events provides customized wedding crest to each couple who books with us at no charge. The wedding crest can be used in any way you'd like. Some of our couples have added their wedding crest to their formal invitations, some have turned them into stickers to seal their envelopes, and others have displayed their crest in frames at their wedding reception - the fun options are endless!


 How is this done? You tell us your initials, wedding colors, floral inspiration & font preference & we do the rest! We will send you progress pics along the way of the design process to make sure you are pleased with the design.


After booking, Maggie will reach out to discuss the details of your wedding crest if this is something you would like to have.

If you are not a client of Maggie Marsh Events but would still like a customized wedding crest, one can be purchased.

Crests We've Created

Danielle Knoll - Crest.png
Untitled design-4.jpg
Danielle Knoll - Crest-5.png
Kirsten's Crest.png
Maegan Crest (4.5 × 4.5 in).png
Hayley's Crest.png
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